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Forum - Smart CAPTCHA Discussion

2006-08-10 10:43:39
This topic is for discussing smart CAPTCHA ideas only. Write your
comments down.
2006-11-19 10:31:49
I'm not sure how this is suppose to work but this is what I get on my
end when trying this out.

I disable javascript in my browser, I go to make a comment on my blog
and I don't see any captcha but when I submit the comment I get a
error that I entered the wrong code.

Is that the intended function?
2006-12-04 08:43:36
The idea sounds great, but how about some samples/examples ?
2007-02-03 12:57:53
I also thinks it is a great idea. Are Smart Captcha active now? I
always see the CAPTCHA so I'm assuming not. I dounds great though...
2007-02-05 10:53:09
To enable smart captcha on your site, you should click "enable smart
captcha" under the verification url on the page.

And when installing you should choose html with smart captcha support.
(if you have reload button and audio button, then you have smart
captcha support)

In case of gateway installation it works buy default. You only need to
enabe smart captcha (here
2007-02-05 16:10:16
I must be using the smart Captcha since I have the audio button. It
also fills in the captcha field for me. I think I was confused when I
read in the description of the SmartCaptcha that, "It will hide the
CAPTCHA fields from a human eye!" Mine doesn't do that. Is is
supposed to?

Great service by-the-way!
2007-02-07 09:22:55
I've found some pleasent comments on smart captcha along with its
2007-03-28 16:35:58
okay, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I had installed
the captcha prior to the new invisible captcha code that uses the SPAN
tag to make it disappear. I re-installed it and now it works great!
I don't see the captcha at all unless I disable java, then it appears.
2007-09-15 05:58:59
2007-09-24 17:07:13
I posted this post back in August and there has been now response...I
hope that maybe I can get some response here.

I have used the Smart CAPTCHA HTML inside my forms for two different
accounts. One works perfectly... the other doesn't.

Then I attempt to create another pair and I pasted it into the form...
It still does not seem to work either. I keep getting SPAM.

The form is here:

Did I forget something?

Thank you,


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