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Forum - First news, and first topic

2006-07-10 20:14:13
We are glad to introduce our new features that we have implemented
since our first launch!

1. New Image (Captcha) types.
Now you can create different images with different colors and
fonts. Examples you may see here:

2. Email protection against email grabbing robots
See more:

3. Gateway page protection.
Now you can install our protection on every site independent of
programming language.
You do not need to modify any code, only html page.
To do so
* Go to "My Verification Urls" page
* Generate the image
* Click on the link "Install" under the new image
* Choose "Easy Installation" and follow some easy steps on
modifying your html page.
*Note, in most cases you need to modify only one line in your
html file!

4. Forum
We have created a small forum for discussing installation
questions and other form spamming related questions.
Some of you asked if it is possible to install protectwebform on
MEDIAWIKI and some of you have installed our protection on MEDIAWIKI.
Some of you asked if it is possible to install protectwebform on
ASP driven sites and some of you have installed our protection on such

Now you can solve all this problems in forum.
Visit forum:
2006-07-11 15:56:15
Thank you for this great service!!!
2006-07-12 13:56:42
i have some problems i can't solve in forum.
what should i do?
by the way, u're taking up a great deal :)
2006-07-12 16:12:09
2 brika
no problem, brika.
You can send us feedback and we
will try to solve your problem.

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