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Insure yourself from spam! The Anti Spam Insurance Company - ProtectWebForm!

Stop web forms spam!

Why do people spam webforms?
- There are some reasons. The two most important are:

1. Boosting Search Engine rankings

This affects guest books and forums. The main goal of spammers is to obtain links from other resources. So they put messages with their links in your forums and message boards.

2. Spamming feedback forms to deliver advertisements

This is the same method as spamming mailboxes. Spammers just deliver their advertisements to you using the feedback forms you provide them on your site.

Why does our solution protect from spam?

        Spam is not delivered manually. There are many so-called spam robots (bots) which are spidering the web in order to find the form. Whenever such robots find the web form it tries to post a spam message to it. The only solution to protect your form is to add a verification image.

        This method will not protect you from spammers that are delivering their spam manually, but it will stop all the spam bots. Statistics show that spam delivered manually is less than 0.01% of all web form spam.

Protect your web form in 3 steps read here: How to Protect Your Web Form

NEW Want captcha to be installed?

Though our service is FREE and easy to install, you can order integration of service by us into your form. It costs $50 (one time fee). In order to request integration, contact us.

We stop:

  • Guestbook Spam
  • Blog Spam
  • Wiki Spam
  • Comment Spam
  • Feedback Form Spam
  • Other Types of Web Form Spam

Latest updates:

1. NEW Audio, reload buttons.
Now the captcha will look like this (or even better with your customization):
Captcha with new features

2. NEW Smart CAPTCHA technology support. Read about smart CAPTCHA here.

3. NEW ASP C# and VB support.

4. NEW Plugin for Wordpress. Read here.

Stop email spam!

There is nothing to say about email spam. Everyone knows what it is and reasons why do people spam emails.

Spam robots (bots) spider the web and collect all emails they find. The only way to protect your email is to hide it with an image or with a hard encoded javascript, leaving it understandable for humans. We provide both ways to you to hide your emails.

Protect your email read here: How to Protect Your Email

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