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Insure yourself from spam! The Anti Spam Insurance Company - ProtectWebForm!

3 Steps to Protect a Web Form From Spam

1. Create account on
To do this, just go to the registration page: signup and fill in all the fields. The new password will be sent to the email address which you provide.

2. Login to the with the login name you provided and your new password. Go to the page My Verification Urls and click on the button "generate". You will see two urls, which will be used to show the image and to verify the code.

3. Click on the link 'Install', choose type of installation and follow a few short instructions on that page to install the protection scripts.

  1. Update you html file as described on the installation page.
  2. (If required) update you code file as described on the installation page.

Take our visual tour on gateway installation: Visual Tour
* You may choose other types of installation. This is the easiest one.

Examples: Image (Capthca) types

* For skilled webmasters:
4. If you want to better integrate the verification process into your site, you should know just two things:

  1. The first url is an url of the verification image
  2. The second url is an url which verifies the code, that was provided while filling in the form. Replace the string '__ver_string__' in that url to the code that the user has provided to you. When quering this url you will get an xml answer saying whether registration was successful.
<!ELEMENT authorization EMPTY >
<!ATTLIST authorization status NMTOKEN #REQUIRED >
<!ELEMENT protectwebform ( verification, authorization ) >
<!ELEMENT verification EMPTY >
<!ATTLIST verification result NMTOKEN #REQUIRED >

XML Example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<verification result="yes"/>
<authorization status="1"/>

Registered users: 87135

Forms protected: 48551

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