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Forum - Blank Page After Submit

2007-06-13 15:18:40
I am using gateway page for my form processing. After a successful
submit I get a blank page with the address of
I would ideally to have a "Thank You" page redirect instead of this
blank page. How can I accomplish this?
2007-06-15 08:50:03
Okay, I'll admit; I'm more than a little confused about how to handle
my issue. I see some great posts that suggest a fix and a couple of others.

My issue is that I am using the gateway processing method. I'm not
aware that I can alter the page
to go to my after a successful
verification. In my mind there should be a setting on the "Easy
Installation" (Gateway Page) to accomplish this. Am I dead wrong?

Previously (before I installed your wonderful CAPTCHA) I had the
redirect on my submit button.
<input name="redirect" type="hidden" id="redirect"
<input name="Email" type="hidden" id="Email" value="">
<input name="subject" type="hidden" id="subject"
value=" Model Inquery">

The code is actually still there but now since I don't go directly to
my getform.asp it does not work. I tried adding a redirect in my .asp
file but I AM SO LOST!

Oh yeah, if I could change the color of the background that would be
Gerard Doherty
2007-09-10 11:56:36
Hi I have just signed up for this and tried it on my site and have the
same problem? Blank page with nowhere to go
Gerard Doherty
2007-09-10 12:25:29
Hi I went back through the process and it seems to be working now. It
automatically took my to my update.asp page. I uploaded my database
again so I will have to wait and see

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