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Forum - Form takes me to my own cgi after entering captcha

2009-04-09 16:40:09
I'm having roughly the same problem as goldense a couple of years ago
(see "Trouble installing, form no longer redirects to summary page").

There is no redirect in my HTML nor in my cgi script, so this is a
different problem.

Everything works great in my form, I click submit and am taken to the
captcha page, I type in what I see there, and it takes me to -- my own
form.cgi page! With an additional [BASE HREF=] tag at the top leading
to the directory where I have the form.cgi located. It displays as a
straight text file.

No wonder I've been pounded with spam -- they're harvesting the email
address off the form.cgi page.

Again, the word "redirect" is not involved, so the solution that
worked for goldense won't work for me. I'll be sending a copy of my
files to Oleg.


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