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Forum - Captcha image&textbox not displaying

2009-08-05 18:35:59
Hi, I just installed the beta version on a form two days ago and it
worked perfect, however, when I opened up the form today it is not
displaying the captcah code to be entered or the reload or audio
buttons. If I hit the submit button I still get the warning that the
code entered did not match that in the image but the form part isn't
doing its thing.
2009-08-05 18:55:48
Also--when the page is first opened it flashes a "enter the code shown
in the image" and for a split second it show the image but then it all
of a sudden it disappears. I know its not a javascript issue because
js is not deactivated and other js work--url is
2009-08-09 21:40:28
i installed it following the lame instructions
and it just does not appear.

i don't think this is a legitimate solution.
2009-08-11 19:21:09
Not sure why I had a problem with the one set of images not showing so
I got a new set and it works great. The second set was entered to a
regular html form while the first was on an pl form and hopefully that
has nothing to do with it because I need to use .pl forms for the sake
of using multi language files. There are far to many people using this
service for it to be illegitimate. Even though my forms are personally
read before going to guestbooks, etc.,. it is always a pain to
separate the spam from the real.

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