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2006-09-14 08:36:50
Hi. Nice looking site and service! I'm looking into installing smart
captcha in a block on my portal for email feed back. Can you suggest
an email form to use with smart captcha?
2006-09-15 09:45:47
As I see, most popular is:
but the protectwebform code must be modified a little to work with
formmail, cause they do not use standard perl CGI module.

you need to

1. place the protectwebform code after the lines:
# Parse Form Contents

2. change:
in protectwebform code to:
2006-12-03 12:24:30
I am using the NMS Formail. It is suppose to be the drop in for Matt's
Formmail. On my form, you can enter any code and it works, how do I
correct this issue.

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