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Forum - Method Not Allowed Error

Virgil Wong
2006-10-03 10:33:28
Thanks to for this amazing and important service.
Unfortunately, I'm getting a "Method Not Allowed" error when I hit
submit on the CAPTCHA page.

I created a test version of my contact form:

The CAPTCHA works great and I receive the form-mail, but the user is
taken to an error page:

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL

Do I need to modify my redirect tag?
<input type=hidden name=redirect

2006-10-29 07:05:30
I'm having this same problem with a redirect page and would like to
know the solution if there is one.
2006-12-07 18:33:27
I am getting the same result. Is this a moderated forum with tech
2006-12-12 02:15:15
I am having the very same problem when I try to redirect the user to a
thank you page on my site: "The requested method POST is not allowed
for the URL" followed by the URL of the thank you page itself. Does
anyone have a solution for this ?
2006-12-21 07:01:00
I'm having this problem too :( I had really hoped that this was the
solution to my spam but I guess I'll just have to take my contact form
2007-01-12 21:10:41
Adding my voice to the chorus here ... I will be unable to use this
service on my site until this problem is solved. Which is too bad,
because I really thought this was going to be a relatively quick and
easy solution to the spam problems we've been having. :(
2007-01-26 11:25:22
I'm having the same error when I redirect the users after hitting the
submit button to a thank you page. "Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL". Help please! My
form is here:
2007-01-26 15:48:41
I guess your cgi script is trying to redirect to "thankyou.htm" page.
And our script is trying to resend the POST request to this page too.
(this issue is discussed here:
this is some approaching to RFC2616.

The only soultion I see for you is to change the cgi script and to
output html code which will use META html redirect.

Hope this helps.
2007-01-29 07:52:28
Thanks oleg, got it working. Changed the CGI script-rather than having
the "Location" I let the CGI to generate HTML and added META Refresh
to redirect to the thankyou page. Here's that part of the script if
anyone in the future needs it:

### Print out a thank you statement:

### if you would rather jump to a thank you webpage, remove # on next
#print "Location: Your website URL\n\n";

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print qq~

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=thank you url">
<title>Thank You</title></head>

2007-02-04 13:55:18
I have two websites with email forms. Protectwebform works fine on
one, and goes to my thank-you message as requested. I am using the
identical form.cgi for the other, substituting the url and other info
for that website. and setting up the protectwebmail installation as
specified in the instructions. Permissions are set properly both for
the directory and the file. I am getting repeated method not allowed
errors, tried a79g's changes to the cgi script, all I got was 500
internal server errors, reverted to my old (wisely saved) form.cgi,
and now it's doing 500 internal server errors! ???
2007-02-16 21:49:56
First, thanks for the great service. Works great on one of my sites,
but I'm getting this same error on another. I don't think my ISP gives
me access to edit the script. The directory is invisible via ftp. Is
there another way for me to fix this without editing the script?
2007-02-23 14:13:39
If you have thank you page with .html or .htm extension, you could try
to rename it to .php, this could help you I guess. Cause php file can
accept POST data and is still producing html if there are no php code
in it.
2007-02-25 16:43:40
Thanks oleg! That seems to be working.
2007-05-27 16:25:20
Changing the redirect to .php worked for one of my sites, but not

Any other ideas? I don't have access to the formmail script, unless I
install my own, which I could do, but I was hoping for a quick fix.
Walter Hoye
2007-05-31 05:51:44
Thanks a7n9! Your post worked for me!
2007-06-12 20:51:27
I've tested it on php and it still does not work.


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